Planning Learning Device to Support Human Resources Quality of UKK KSR PMI Unit IAIN Pekalongan


  • Maulida Aulia HAN IAIN Pekalongan


Learning Device, Quality, Human Recources


Human resources are the most important assets in the organization. Because these resources run the wheels of the organization so that the organization can run. In order for an organization to run well, its human resources must have good quality. In the UKK KSR PMI Unit IAIN Pekalongan, resources are focused on not only having the ability to run the organization but also having the ability in the material field about red cross because in this organization the ability to know material is also needed because in practice the material is used as a reference in activities. The progress of an organization is strongly supported by its human resources. To answer these problems, the UKK KSR PMI Unit of IAIN Pekalongan held training aimed at increasing the knowledge of each individual in the organization so that each resource in the organization mastered the material about  red cross. This training is called the Planning Learning Device in the form of deepening the material about red cross so that the quality of its resources is fulfilled. This training began with a book review, review of the KSR basic education curriculum and making lesson plans by the UKK KSR PMI officers in the IAIN Pekalongan Unit. Then began the material deepening training which consisted of 4 areas that were discussed, namely First Aid, Family Care, Peer Adolescent Education, and  Disaster Management. In this Planning Learning Device, a division was also formed in which the 25 participants were divided into four fields.