Focus and Scope

Malcom: Indonesian Journal of Machine Learning and Computer Science is intended as a medium for scientific studies of research results, thoughts, and critical analysis studies regarding research in the field of Machine Learning, Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Other. The MALCOM is a part of the spirit of spreading knowledge from research and thought to community service and as a reference source for academics in Machine Learning, Computing, Artificial Intelligence and other

MALCOM accepts scientific articles with a focus and research scope on:

  • Data Mining 
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Big Data Analytic
  • Computer Vision
  • Expert System
  • Text and Web Mining
  • Parallel Processing
  • Intelligence System
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Intelligent Control Systems
  • Hybrid and Distributed Algorithms
  • Decision Support System
  • Software Engineering
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Digital
  • Social Media Analytic
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Information System and Management System
  • Open Goverment Data and E-Goverment